2023 Annual Recap

Funders from across the state, advocacy organizations, technology partners, school leaders and parents are re-envisioning the education experience and working to ensure quality educational options for every child and family.

2023 LEARN Better Initiatives

1. VELA Grants


2. Technology Innovation


3. Statewide Advocacy


Awarding VELA Grants to Expand Local Educational Options

The Miles Foundation partnered with the VELA Education fund, that invests in everyday entrepreneurs – students, parents, teachers, and community leaders – who are meeting learners’ and families’ needs with nontraditional approaches to education. These models include homeschool co-ops, microschools, after-school programs, and many others.

Being a Part of 1,300 Grants Totaling Over

$ 0

Supporting nontraditional and innovative school models

Deepening Support to Successful Educational Models Through Next Step Grants

Empowering School Leaders to Advocate for Education Innovation During Legislative Session


0 + Local Learners

Through Micro Grant School Models

Lifting Up Innovative Educational Models in the Media


Utilizing Technology as an Educational Lever

Together with key community partners, parents, and families, The Miles Foundation has helped to build and launch three community-focused technology solutions: Schoolahoop, Parent Pass™, and the FIND! Child Care Tool – all first-of-their-kind models aimed at equipping parents and caregivers with the resources and information that they need to guide their children’s educational journey.

Building and Launching the First-of-its-Kind Parent Pass™ App

A one-stop-shop app to connect families to local resources and each other.

Offering Schoolahoop to Local Families

Helping parents find the best educational fit for their child.

Incorporating the FIND! Child Care tool into the Parent Pass™ App

Offering an easy way to search for quality, subsidized child care near parents’ home or office.


Learning and Growing with Our Statewide Network

In 2023, we built stronger lines of communication and partnership with a diverse array of state and local stakeholders that are working every day to keep Texas at the forefront of education innovation and success. Serving as Board Chair for the largest statewide funder coalition Philanthropy Advocates, we look forward to mobilizing and aligning impact through foundations across Texas focused on education solutions.

Aligning With Our Fellow Philanthropy Advocates Members Across Texas

Thank You.

Thank you to each of our partners across Texas who are helping to build a brighter, better future for every child and family.